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Smart Home. Smart Backyard.

Creating Your Smart Backyard Cheers! Here’s to enjoying a smart backyard! Get a more convenient, comfortable, functional, and FUN backyard with the latest in smart backyard devices. These days, families are spending more time working and playing at home, so it makes a lot of sense to invest in your house and yard. During the

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Pool Lovers

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us! 2020 has been a year full of twists and turns, and there’s still a lot of uncertainty as we all start making holiday plans. Whether you’re planning a virtual … Continue reading → The post 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Pool Lovers first appeared

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DIY Pool Heater Maintenance

For most pool owners, a pool heater represents a substantial investment, and one that you want to keep in good condition, to avoid expensive heater repair and replacement. This post will focus on gas pool heaters, but I will reserve … Continue reading → The post DIY Pool Heater Maintenance first appeared on InTheSwim Pool

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Halloween Swimming Pools

Halloween is on a Saturday this year! And even though Halloween 2020 requires some social distance protocols, there is still fun to be done. Northern pool owners are already closed for the season, but southern pool owners are still enjoying … Continue reading → The post Halloween Swimming Pools first appeared on InTheSwim Pool Blog.

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Spa & Hot Tub Essentials

As summer becomes a fading memory, the crisp fall air and colorful leaves usher in a new kind of aquatic activity. It’s Hot Tub Season! 🙂 Today we un-cover ten popular and essential accessories for hot tub owners, including my … Continue reading → The post Spa & Hot Tub Essentials first appeared on InTheSwim

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Tips for Maintaining a Clean Pool

There’s really nothing as pretty as a sparkling, clean backyard pool. When your pool is working properly and looking great, you’ve got a sweet spot to relax, exercise, and entertain. Whether you maintain your own pool or rely on your local pool pro to keep it in top condition, it’s a good idea to know

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October is National Energy Awareness Month, aimed at promoting the importance of energy for sustainability and environmental health. On the In The Swim blog, we have always had a green streak in our approach to pool management, and even have … Continue reading → The post Energy Awareness Month – 7 Ways to Save Around

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Autumn breezes and warm fall days. Beautiful to look at, but if your pool is surrounded by lots of deciduous trees – it can also make a lot of work to keep the pool clean. I consider myself an expert … Continue reading → The post Has Fall Landed in your Pool? Extreme Leaf Removal

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With the cooler weather approaching, some may think it’s time to close the pool. Not so fast! You can extend your swimming season with a pool heat pump.  The NEW Hayward® HeatPro® VS Variable-Speed Heat and Cool Heat Pump is the ideal choice for people who use their pool every day for exercise, entertainment, and

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As we move into the fall season, it’s a great time to take a look at your hot tub cover – especially if your hot tub sits outside. If your spa cover looks a little rough, worn or you can … Continue reading → The post Hot Tub Covers & Year-Round Outdoor Spas – Cover

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Leslie’s Pool Closing Kits

Winter is inching closer and the temperature is cooling, which means it’s just about time to close up your pool until next summer. But before you cover it up, there’s some basic maintenance to take care of. Making sure your pool water is balanced and sanitized after being open all summer can feel tricky, but

National Pool Closing Day

National Pool Closing Day is nearly here! It takes place the third Saturday in September, falling on September 19 this time around! It’s the kick-off to a fall frenzy of activity around here, otherwise known as pool closing season, which … Continue reading →

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Pool Pump Regulation Changes for 2021

The federal regulations for pool pumps are changing in 2021. We’ve put together a guide detailing what’s changing and how it might affect you. After July 19, 2021, variable speed pumps are required on all new and replacement in-ground pool filter pump installations. The Department of Energy has mandated the requirement, as part of new minimum efficiency standards

Hayward Pool Filter Multiport Repairs

When Hayward multiport valves start to age different problems can arise, some are just annoying and some are actually detrimental to the filter system working properly. And in other instances I’ve seen multiport problems occur from an incorrect valve installation on … Continue reading →

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Above Ground Pool Cover Hacks

A few weeks back, we took a look at above ground pool solar cover hacks – and this week we look at the best ways to buy, install and maintain a winter pool cover. BEST WINTER POOL COVER? That can … Continue reading →

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How to Fix Cloudy Water

Imagine having a cloudy, murky, almost-green tinted pool. Don’t fret, the Creature from the Black Lagoon hasn’t taken residence in your place of leisure. What has happened, however, is that something (or things) has caused your pool water to look not as picturesque as you’d like. There are many factors that can contribute to cloudy

National Variable Speed Pool Pump Law

After July 19, 2021, variable speed pumps are required on new and replacement inground pool filter pump installations. The Department of Energy has mandated the requirement, as part of new minimum efficiency standards being put in place for U.S. homes … Continue reading →

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Above Ground Pool Solar Cover Hacks

Solar Covers are a wonderful invention, but I’ve always added that they have a good bit of ‘hassle factor’, in their use. They can be cumbersome to put on and off the pool, and even more when the solar cover … Continue reading →

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Pool floats are a staple of any fun pool. Whether you use them to lounge in the water for relaxation or to ride fearlessly into battle with your friends, a pool just isn’t complete without at least a few of these recreation regulars. But with great fun comes great responsibility. When pool time is over,

Enhance Your Backyard Experience

There isn’t much better than stepping out your back door into your very own backyard oasis. That private paradise is even more special during the summer months, when you can enjoy swimming and lounging in and around your pool. The Leslie’s mission is to always make sure you’re able to make the most of your

Pool Shock: Shocking for Algae Removal

Welcome back to school, students! Summer is the perfect time to discuss algae and how to remove it by shocking the pool with Calcium Hypochlorite – Ca(OCl)2. Chlorine is a Great Algaecide, I like to say. Faster kill rates and … Continue reading →

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Dichlor Shock vs. Cal Hypo Shock

When it comes to shocking your pool there are a variety of options available for use. The most common are Sodium Dichlor (Dichlor) Shock (Dichlor) and Calcium Hypochlorite (Cal Hypo) Shock. So what exactly are the differences between the two? We’re glad you asked. In the article below we will cover the basics of these

Fiberglass pools, vinyl liner pools and concrete/plaster pools can all be great additions to your backyard, but before you jump into a decision, it’s worth looking into the differences between the three, to work out what would best suit your home and lifestyle.

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Proper cleaning of your filter cartridges will not only help to keep your pool as clean as possible, but also increase it’s useful life. Eventually, the cartridge will have to be replaced. Dirt, oils and minerals build up which cleaning … Continue reading →

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