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Colin’s Hope and Latham Pool

For the month of May, Latham Pool is partnering with Colin’s Hope to help keep your family safe in the water during National Water Safety Month. 

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With more people planning staycations this summer – sales of Intex pools and inflatable pools have exploded this year. And along with the big sales, come the big questions, specifically “what chemicals do I need for an inflatable pool”, and … Continue reading →

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3 Crafty Ways to Enjoy Pool Noodles

Pool season is kicking off, and to celebrate the opening of backyard pools, we’re bringing you some fun ideas of how to get creative with a classic toy you probably already have — pool noodles! From learning new words to inventive physical activity, we’ve rounded up three creative craft time ideas from some of our

National Pool Opening Day!

National Pool Opening Day is near! An annual holiday on the last Saturday in April, and this year it’s April 25! Pool covers come off all across America on this day, as swimming pools emerge from hibernation. Let the 2019 … Continue reading →

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COVID-19 and Swimming


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Leslie’s Pool Care Checklist

With pool season already here in some places and just around the corner in others, Leslie’s wants to make sure we do everything we can to get your pool swim-ready and keep it there! We put together this handy Pool Care Checklist for you to follow to ensure proper pool preparation and maintenance. Download this

How To Open Your Pool in Spring

The arrival of spring brings back many of our favorite things, including blossoming plants and trees, longer-lasting sunlight, and warmer temperatures. For pool owners, those warmer temperatures also mean it’s almost time to open your pool for the season! But just because the sun is shining doesn’t mean the pool is quite ready for swimmers.

If you are looking to add a solar heating system to your swimming pool and have questions about how to install solar panels, read on. From simple, single on-ground panels for Intex pools to multi-panel roof mounted systems for in … Continue reading →

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Leslie’s Pool Opening Kits

Summer is inching closer and the temperature is rising, which means it’s just about time to open up your pool for some much-needed fun! But before everyone can safely dive in, there’s some basic maintenance to take care of. Making sure your pool water is balanced and sanitized after being closed for months can feel

Dive In on National Pool Opening Day!

National Pool Opening Day is almost here! As the last Saturday in April approaches, marking the start of pool season, the ability to escape to our backyard has never been more important. Leslie’s wants to make sure you’re able to get the most out of family time, moments of relaxation, and a little well-deserved fun

Let’s talk about pool fencing. When it comes to pool safety, we often think of practical solutions like life jackets, pool rings, arm floaties, or even the pool-guarding gator (yikes!). Preventative measures such as fences and covers are great at keeping children and animals at bay when no one is around. Here’s an in-depth look

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Welcome back class to another home-school edition of pool school. I got a question in the email this week; “Dr. Pool, how do I know if my pool water is safe from the Coronavirus?” Before we go too deep, let … Continue reading →

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Hot Tub & Spa Care 101

There isn’t much that’s better than relaxing in a hot tub or spa after a stressful day at work, a hard workout, or just a weekend indulgence. No matter the season, owning a hot tub or spa is a real treat. While hot tub/spa maintenance may seem complicated, it is pretty straight-forward once you know

How To Clear Cloudy Pool Water

Not much kills the mood to swim faster than cloudy, murky pool water. If you’ve owned a pool for any amount of time, chances are pretty good that you’ve struggled with cloudy water at least once or twice. In order to clear the water quickly, it’s important to get down to the root of the

Fun Pool Toys and Accessories

Our pools can be a lot of things. They can be a place to relax, an exercise resource, or something to show off to our friends. One thing a pool should always be … is a source of fun! When life gets us down or keeps us in a rut, having a pool to escape

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Owning a pool can be rewarding in many ways. Not only are they incredibly fun to use, but they’re a valuable recreational tool and can make the “dog days of  summer” more bearable. However, there are some important pool safety tips all pool owners should know to keep their loved ones safe – both in

How to Prevent and Remove Algae

Nowadays, it’s popular to “go green.” While we’re all for environmental awareness, green isn’t great when it comes to the color of your pool. If your pool goes green, you have an algae problem. Algae spores enter pool water from wind and storms. When conditions are right and your water isn’t properly balanced, you’ll find

Pool Shock Basics

When it comes to pools, chlorine is mostly considered a good guy. It helps prevent the growth of algae and keeps your pool water safe by neutralizing harmful bacteria and microorganisms. But, as can happen in life, good things sometimes go bad. When chlorine attaches itself to harmful elements, action must be taken to protect

DIY Pool Care Strategies

Around here, we are decidedly D.I.Y. in our approach to pool care, every single post on this blog has been written to support and encourage the do it yourself pool owner. It used to be considered quite a luxury to … Continue reading →

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A clean pool … it’s what we all want. Now comes the tricky part: How do we make that happen? Some of us prefer the ease of hiring a pool service, but that can be pricey. Others like to get their hands dirty and handle the cleaning themselves. And some of us don’t necessarily have

How to Save Money on Pool Maintenance

Cash. Dollars. Moolah. Whatever you call it, money plays a role in virtually every aspect of your home. And if you’re lucky enough to have a pool on your residence, you better believe that it factors heavily into your budget. So unless you’ve got a money tree growing next to that precious patio pond of

Clean, clear, healthy, safe … these are words we like to see associated with water. This applies to pool water too. After all, who doesn’t want the highest quality water possible to swim in? One of the most important factors in keeping your pool water beautiful, healthy, and safe is your pool’s filter. Many pools

With the Corona-virus outbreak closing schools across the country, and shelter-in-place orders or recommendations issued, parents are having to create fun and interesting activities for their children. For those parents with a pool, you have the perfect teaching tool for … Continue reading →

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With the Corona-virus outbreak closing schools across the country, and shelter-in-place orders or recommendations issued, parents are having to create fun and interesting activities for their children. For those parents with a pool, you have the perfect teaching tool for … Continue reading →

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